What is the metaverse?: Two experts give their take

SURREAL Co-Founder & CMO, Adam Voss joined Yahoo Finance‘s Alexandra Garfinkle and Wagner James Au for a panel on what the metaverse is today in light of economic headwinds, spiraling hype cycles and the shift to generative AI.

SURREAL is more bullish—and more optimistic—than ever. Hear what Adam had to say…

“I certainly don’t think it’s a fad. I definitely think it is as nascent as social media was in the mid ’90s. It has even more potential—greater potential for growth—combining identity and ’embodied presence,’ as Charlie Fink from Forbes likes to say, community, narrative, immersion, and multiple ways to interface. I don’t think you need a VR headset. In fact, I think reducing the friction and creating browser-based applications to enter these platforms are more effective.”

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