SR XP is a practical metaverse platform-as-a-service (Paas) enabling companies to engage audiences with photorealistic (Unreal Engine), social-first, browser-based, & multiplayer experiences.



B2B Experiences: always-on (persistent) enterprise environments such as virtual headquarters, innovation labs, testing centers, training facilities, partner activations and collaboration areas.

B2C Experiences: event-based or persistent, custom branded worlds or digital twins (i.e., sports stadiums, theaters, concert venues) for consumer and fan-based engagements.

How it works

Events Manager
Surreal Platform
Multi-Cloud Deployment Tool

SURREAL’s world-class platform has been leveraged by businesses and brands, big and small, for its practical and scalable approach to metaverse creation. Optimized for UE5, SR XP enables platform users to leverage a wide array of our multiplayer collaboration toolsets and features, such as:

Pixel streaming, photo-realistic multiplayer 
Live streaming & recording
3D model presentation & viewing
Video conferencing
Avatar creation
VolP, SMS messaging & spatial audio 
Achievements & easter eggs
Mini-games & leaderboards
2D presentation & viewing
X Users 24/7 availability
User metrics & analytics

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