ATLANTA and BANGALORE, IndiaOct. 31, 2022, Making experiences that matter in the metaverse means flipping the script on how we live, work, shop and play. SURREAL partnered with eDAO—an immersive Web3 commerce infrastructure for brands, creators, IP and communities—to launch ‘Flipverse,’ an immersive, high-fidelity and pixel-streamed experience for Flipkart, the largest eCommerce platform in India. Flipverse enabled shoppers to explore 100+ products and offers from 13 brands, and was was the single highest attended event for a pixel-streamed metaverse activation, with 103,561 unique accounts created over the week-long activation.

With over 30 years of technology and leadership experience, Mr. Chaudhary’s entire career has been in the pursuit of helping businesses make better technology decisions—especially as they develop and launch new features and solutions. A tech leader in both startups and Fortune 50 companies, Mr. Chaudhary has deep expertise in operationalizing technology, and reducing the friction between business and technology stakeholders.

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