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“S U R • R E • A L /səˈrēəl/ adjective 1. very strange; more like a dream than reality, with ideas and images mixed together in a strange new way 2. the doorway to a new type of virtual environment ”


SURREAL provides virtual landscapes for new experiences—enabling audiences to connect, create, collaborate and celebrate in entirely new ways.


By reimagining our relationship with the digital and physical worlds, SURREAL bridges the possible and impossible to bring any event to life—in any virtual environment imaginable.

How it works


SURREAL is a first-of-its-kind multi-user environment with realistic personalized avatars, built-in voice chat and spatial audio—allowing multiple, simultaneous conversations without talking over other players.


SURREAL offers fully customizable and scalable environments that can be spatially designed to meet any need or audience size.


SURREAL gamifies virtual experiences with built-in interactions that keep attendees engaged, while putting them in control of their participation level.


SURREAL's selection of pre-designed meeting spaces, presentation tools and streaming video enable a more collaborative experience when live, in-person events are impractical or impossible.

Who We Are

SURREAL Events & Environments is a full-service virtual event marketing and production company.

We help clients rethink events, environments and experiences—virtually—from strategy to creative, design to execution, outcome to analytics.

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