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SURREAL is a web-based, 3D virtual environment where audiences can experience fully customizable and unparalleled events. The platform is 100% browser-based and pixel-streamed from the Cloud and can scale from 50 to 50,000 participants for real-time, interactive events.

Built with Unreal Engine, the same revolutionary gaming engine behind Epic Games’ Fortnite and Disney’s The Mandalorian. This not only enables realistic, real-time 3D rendering but allows SURREAL to be configured into any environment—real or imagined—to fit the needs of clients and event organizers.

SURREAL provides real-time rendering of environments as photo realistic as those found in traditional multiplayer video games like Grand Theft Auto or Fortnite. Imagine a video conferencing platform combined with a video game combined with a virtual showroom, in which attendees can create and customize avatars, transact, and move around different levels—or spaces—of the platform.

SURREAL serves clients and audiences across any industry:

· Corporations & Organizations (conferences, trade shows, meetings, virtual offices)

· Education (from high school to higher learning)

· Music (festivals, tours, concerts, arena shows & venues)

· Film & Television (broadcast, red carpet events, premieres & promotions)

· Arts & Humanities (openings & exhibits)

· Sports & Athletics (eSports, leagues/teams & venues)

SURREAL is a best-in-class virtual Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for intuitive, immersive events, providing client partners with a strategy for hybrid events that integrates both physical and virtual experiences. From tradeshows and conferences, sporting events and fan engagements, SURREAL is not here to replace real life but offers an enhancement of what is possible. In addition, the SURREAL platform’s key features include:

· Customizable “Real” Venues: create an event from pre-built venue templates, or design an entirely bespoke world.

· Personalized Avatar Creator: select from pre-built templates or create a custom digital twin.

· Intuitive Navigation: easily locomote around the space via computer mouse, teleport function or WASD / arrow keys.

· Social-First Interactions: communicate organically via video, voice or text tools anywhere on the platform.

· Presentation Tools: Run slides, websites, streamed or pre-recorded video using easy-to-use presentation tools.

No. The platform is 100% browser-based and pixel-streamed from the Cloud, so you don’t have to download any apps to use SURREAL. We recommend using Chrome when using SURREAL for an optimal experience, and make sure to close out any other heavy streaming apps prior to hopping on the platform.

At this time, your event can host anywhere from 50 to 50,000 participants, per day.

We provide bespoke, custom environments for your event. Whether you want to make a digital twin of an existing location or host a SURREAL event in outer space, our award-winning design team can bring your vision to life.

Glad you asked. Read our thought leadership piece, <a href='https://www.surrealevents.com/news/blog/hybrid-event-strategy' target='_blank' style='color: #FF0079;'>“Re-Eventing: Creating a Future-Focused Hybrid Event Strategy,”</a> written by our CEO Josh Rush.

Please see our full <a href='' target='_blank' style='color: #FF0079;'>Quickstart Guide</a> for details.